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Pictured: Moon Shot - Theater Unspeakable

Pictured: The Deckchairs; or Make the Titanic Great Again - The Conspirators


Chicago Physical Theater is a Resource

Chicago Physical Theatre is a way for Chicago-based physical storytellers to support, promote, explore, train, and connect with each other.

We keep up to date on exciting artists and companies in Chicago and the projects they are working on. We also invite artists from outside the city to perform their shows and teach workshops here!

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Yikes. That's a big question that we are constantly reconsidering. Here's where we are now...

Performance that uses movement and space as a primary means for telling a story.

That includes but is not limited to:

  • Clown

  • Dance

  • Mime

  • Puppetry

  • Burlesque

  • Performance Art

  • Circus

  • And anything else you could probably think of that is easy on the talking and heavy on the moving?

Feel we missed your medium? Let us know!

Pictured: Ubu the King - Rough House Theater (top), Burning Bluebeard - The Ruffians (bottom)


Pictured: The Dolphin Show - David Gordezky


Artistic Director/Curator

Scott is a performance artist and theatre maker celebrating over a decade in the Chicago theatre community. A graduate of the Theatre Conservatory of Roosevelt University, Scott has had the privilege to perform with The Goodman Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, the Scooty & Jojo Show, Abraham Werewolf, New Leaf Theatre, Dog & Pony, Red Twist, Rough House Theatre and he is a proud company member of Collaboraction. Scott was Co-director of, "TOLLBOOTH: A Clown Show" for First Floor Theatre and a former member of the cult-hit Bouffon troupe Les Enfants Terribles. Over the last several years, he has trained with Eric Davis in Bouffon, Sue Morrison in Pochinko clown in Toronto and with Steve Wasson and Corine Soum in Decroux mime.



David is a clown and puppeteer from Los Angeles. He's lived in Chicago for about 7 years. David has studied clown with Avner the Eccentric at Celebration Barn, as well as Dean Evans, Adrian Danzig, and Molly Brennan, all Chicago-based. He has performed with Theater Unspeakable, Lifeline Theater, The Conspirators, and Rough House Theater, of which he is a company member. He also created his own act, The Dolphin Show, which he performs around the city.



Brittany Price Anderson is a theatre maker, circus artist, and actress that has lived in Chicago since 2012. She graduated with an MFA in European Devised Performance Practice from Columbia College Chicago and Arthaus Berlin in Germany. She also completed the Professional Training Program at Actors Gymnasium in Evanston, IL, where she focused on aerial silks, tightwire, and partner acrobatics. She is an original devising and touring member of Theatre Unspeakable’s The American Revolution (Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center Education), the founder of Heels Over Head: A Physical Variety Show, and the other half of “Britchie”, an acro duo with Richie Schiraldi. Her current devising project is Wild Women, a buffon play which will premiere May 4th at The Third Mask: a festival for new devised theatre and the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival!