Chicago Physical Theater is a collection of wildly creative physical theater artists who create and produce full length shows. Shows typically have a short workshop run, followed by a full run in Chicago before they go on tour.


Magical Exploding Boy

Magical Exploding Boy

The Magical Exploding Boy is CPT's inagural show that has recieved critical praise and was hailed as " of the most unique, enjoyable and physically accomplished entertainments to be seen in Chicago" by Newcity. Darkly comical and completely wordless this one person show reaches beyond the limits of language to turn the conventions of Mime and Clown on their heads. From a child with mind control powers, to an amoeba struggling for life, to a man cast helplessly adrift in outer space, this unique new show transforms space to present an original story. Magical Exploding Boy is physical comedy that transcends the need for written word with a refreshingly offbeat and existential voice of its own. For more info go to



Sacrebleu is a savage three person postmodern clown show that premiered in Chicago in June of 2010. " ... two French-speaking, cartoonish bushmen take a fishing trip into the audience before encountering a big, feathered creature who beats them up and forces them to dance—calls to mind the strange, childlike antics in Alfred Jarry works like Ubu Roi" - The Chicago Reader. "“a delicious piece of physical theatre" - Anthony Mosely, Collaboraction. "The enviably talented Dean Evans strikes again. Someone please book Mr. Evans a plane ticket to Edinburgh. Seriously." - New City "A mime with a biting sense of humor, Evans, who has hilariously titled his piece with a French profanity that no one in France actually uses, teams up with performer Molly Plunk as a pair of muttering goofball explorers who resemble a punk-primitive version of Lewis and Clark traversing the Amazon, or something like it." - The Chicago Tribune

The Chi-Town Clown Revue -

Chi-Town Clown Revue

Now in it's third year The Chi-Town Clown revue presents Chicago Clown performance in it's rawest form. The show includes a fast and dirty four square tourny, anywhere from 7-10 clown acts and the Schluberhagen - a slot in the show reserved for the newest, most dangerous clown material. Visit for more info...

Honeybuns -


Honeybuns, billed as "The Worlds Greatest Mime", is a visceral and hilarious theatrical event. To share the room with the gigantic creature known simply as Honeybuns is to experience a highly physical, interactive piece of performance art that has impressions of Mime, Improv, and eletro shock treatment. The full length Honeybuns event will be in June as a PArt of the 2015 Pivot Arts Festival.Visit for more info...


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