Chicago has a vibrant physical theater scene with new work and unique styles being developed and performed every day. This website is by no means an attempt at be a comprehensive guide of all things physical theater. This page is meant to be a jumping point. If there is information you feel is appropriate to add to this page then don't hesitate to contact us. If we deem in relevant we will add it to this site. For a more comprehensive list of theater companies in Chicago go here.

What is Physical Theatre?

Physical theatre is a general term used to describe any mode of performance that pursues storytelling through primarily physical means. There are several quite distinct traditions of performance which all describe themselves using the term "physical theatre", which has led to a lot of confusion as to what the definition of physical theatre actually is. Read more...


500 Clown

The School for Theatre Creators

Theater Un-speak-able



The Neo-Futurists

Blair Thomas and Company

Barrel of Monkeys


Where to learn it

The Second City Training Center

Paola Coletto

The School for Theatre Creators

500 Clown

The Actors Gymnasium

The Neo-Futurists

Theater Un-speak-able

Links Hall

The School for Mime Theater

The Celebration Barn

Dell 'Arte

The Clown Conservatory


Where to see it online

Here are some helpful, non-promotional, Youtube videos...

Something missing?

If you know of any places to learn or see physical theater then let us know. We'll put it on the website if it's legit.