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Goof: Presence and Play - Register Online

Clown Class Chicago

In this unique weekend immersion we clear away our protective layers and undue awareness of our own bodies to get out of our heads and live in our authentic bodymind. We’ll learn to establish a direct and intimate connection with our audience and generosity with our playmates through vulnerability. We will create a regenerative space from which to embolden our natural state of play, self-discovery, and freedom. The immersion is as an active exploration and a living meditation on what it means to live in unbound goofiness. Space is limited.Register Online.

Dates: September 30 & October 1, 2017
Time: 11am-5pm
Cost: $185
Intructor: Dean Evans
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Clowndation: An Intro to Clown - Register Online

Clown Class Chicago

An introduction into the world of Pochinko style clown, this once-weekly, six-week course will open up students to the world of interactive play and emotional availability. Open to students of all skill level, from the intrepid explorer venturing into the world of performance without a fourth wall, to the seasoned clown seeking to get back to the basics. Through the course of this six week long exploration, students will seek to unlearn the falsely protective habits which can distance them from their audience and restore the honest sense of play hiding within all of us.Register Online.

Dates: Thursday evenings October 12 through November 16, 2017
Time: 8pm-10pm
Cost: $150
Intructor: Scott Ray Merchant
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The Thinking Body Part 1 - Register Online

Clown Class Chicago

This study will include gestural grammar, body articulation, counterweights, walks and displacements in space, figures of style, mobile statuary, and musicality of movement. Extracts of the repertoire of Etienne Decroux will be taught during the workshop to fully experience this unique modern mythology of movement theatre. Participants will also explore the infinite possibilities of drawing from this repertoire to create personal work. Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum combine the experience of having been students and the last assistants of Etienne Decroux, and having taught, performed, developed and directed Corporeal Mime for more than 35 years around the world. Steven Wasson (U.S.A) and Corinne Soum (France) directors of the company Theatre de l’Ange Fou created in Paris in 1984, relocated to London in 1994, and since 2014 based in the U.S.A with The White Church Theatre Project in Wisconsin, will lead participants into the world of Corporeal Mime. Corporeal Mime, created by the French Master Etienne Decroux (1898-1991), is a precise and innovative method focusing on the expression of the body and physical action in theatre. Space is limited. Register Online.

Dates: October 7 & 8, 2017
Time: 10am-4pm
Cost: $185
Intructor: Steve Wasson and Corinne Soum
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The Thinking Body Part 2 - Register Online

Clown Class Chicago

“The Thinking Body” Part 2 is designed for participants who already have followed the “Thinking Body” Part 1 In October 2017 or March 2017, and wish continue to improve their knowledge in the technique and repertoire of Corporeal Mime created by the French Theatre Master Etienne Decroux. Professional, Pre-professional actors, dancers, mimes and performers will work towards a foundation certificate course in Corporeal Mime by successfully completing 3 intensive training session throughout 2017 and 2018. Participants will study pieces such as The Factory, The Touch, The Carpenter and The Washerwoman... The apprenticeship of this repertoire is a challenging and valuable tool for any performer wishing to give a physical reality to their own ideas. Participants of The Thinking Body Part 2 will also work on devising material using the creative process called “The Reverse Metaphor”`: trusting the action to progressively devise a play, a process allowing space for imagination and intuition. Corporeal Mime is a tool that allows the practitioner to portray human behavior from its most practical aspect to its more abstract and spiritual ones. Theory and History of Corporeal Mime, discussion about Etienne Decroux’s legacy, and the creative process of the Theatre de l’Ange Fou will also be part of this certificate foundation course. The work of Theatre de l’Ange Fou has been described by The London Sunday times as “A beautiful staged piece of Total Theatre”, and by The Scotsman “If Becket had ever produced a ballet, it would have looked something like this.” Participants of The Thinking Body Part 2 will present their repertoire and devised work in front of an invited audience to finalize their foundation course. Space is limited. Register Online.

Dates: October 21 & 22, 2017
Time: 11am-5pm
Cost: $185
Intructor: Steve Wasson and Corinne Soum
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Previous Classes

Bouffon: Workshop

This intensive is great for Comedians, Clowns, Performance Artists, Pranksters, the irreverent, and the social conscience. This 4 hour workshop, requires no previous experience, and focuses on the world of Bouffon. Bouffon is the art of mockery and manipulation, sometimes referd to as the anit-clown. In this class we'll explore reshaping our form into the grotesque, finding pleasure in mockery, and developing a socially conscience voice. Using exercises in satire, clown, and bafoonery, we'll created dynamic characters to challenge an audience. Space is limited. Register online...

Feldenkrais Method: Awareness Through Movement


This 4 week workshop is an introduction to 'Awareness Through Movement' , a somatic learning method created by physicist and Judo master, Moshe Feldenkrais. By exploring small and isolated movements, new possibilities of moving with ease and comfort are discovered. This hour long class will help students reduce tension and pain through guided lessons that explore the mind- body connection. This is an non-performative class.


This full 8 week program is an introduction to the art form of Mime. Through a disciplined approach that includes floor and barre work, performance exercises, and classical technique, students ascend to a new level of physical awareness using the grammar of Mime. In this introduction to the techniques of Marcel Marceau, Etienne Decroux, and Stephen Niedzialkowski, students focus on physical characters, object work, and ensemble performance as they journey beyond words to share silent narrative with an audience. Space is limited.

Workshop: Audience Participation

Live performance is magical because of it's ability to get people in a room together, sharing a unique experience, and beginning a real conversation. Instructor Dean Evans draws on years of theatrical clowning, experience as a Neofuturist performing in Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, and performing as the entity known as Honeybuns. Students will explore: bringing people on stage, going into the house, creating interactive material, site specificity, psychological techniques, and taking them to the streets. Engage an audience in a way that allows them to be relaxed and uninhibited. Excellent for performance artists, comedians, clowns, risk takers, pranksters and humans. Wear something you are comfortable moving in.


Physical Comedy Workshop - Slapstick

Don't fight dirty, fight funny. This workshop offers an environment to learn and develop skills in slapstick comedy and the creation of physical gags or "Schtick". Using slaps, kicks, rolls, trips, pokes, and the art of the pratfall, students will create hilarious situations of comic conflict. Students learn physical comedy elements and structure taken from the classic cinema as well as contemporary physical comedy and modern theatrical clown. This class will also explore status as a driving force behind physical comedy. Students will develop exquisite timing and the skillful execution required for the performance of slapstick comedy as well. Learn to be funny within your body. No Experience required. All ages and backgrounds welcome. Reserve your spot by registering online.

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