Clown Level 1 starts September 12th

It's time to unleash yourself and just play! This 6 week class focuses on the art of Clown in Theater, Comedy, Circus and life. Exersizes in clowning, physical comedy, improvisation, and going buck wild are used to heighten one's natural sense of play and self discovery. Register soon, space is limited. More info...

Clown Level 2 starts November 7

This advanced class focuses on finding your clown, putting material on it's feet, and going live. The class culminates into a friendly public showing on December 12 at 8pm at HQ. Clown 1 is open to students who have taken Clown 1 or the equivalant. Go here for more info or to register...

Chicago Physical Theater

Offering Classes in Physical Performace, Physical Comedy, Mime, Clown and Slapstick.

Now offering a 10% discount for:
- individuals registering for more than one workshop,
- performing ensembles of 3 or more taking the same class,
- repeating a class

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