Mime Begins March 9th 2015

This 8 week program is an introduction to the art form of Mime. Learn the techniques of Marcel Marceau, Etienne Decroux, and Stephen Niedzialkowski. Students focus on physical characters, vidual story telling, object work, and ensemble performance as they journey beyond words to share silent narrative with an audience. Read here...


Circuscope at the Actor's Gym

“3.5/4 stars” “glorious…thrilling…breathtaking…all the parts of this show move together in harmony …living organisms are capable of astounding feats.” – Chicago Tribune

Check out CPT's Dean Evans and Molly Plunk in this original Circus directed by Vanessa Stalling and featuring Leah Leor and Tommi Tomlinson. More info...

Honeybuns at Pivot Arts Festival

Honeybuns new full length show will be featured in the 2015 Pivot Arts Festival. Go here for info and to get tickets...

Chicago Physical Theater

Offering Classes in Physical Performace, Physical Comedy, Mime, Clown and Slapstick.

Now offering a 10% discount for:
- individuals registering for more than one workshop,
- performing ensembles of 3 or more taking the same class,
- repeating a class

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