Clown Level 1 starts January 2016

This class in the art of Clown will strip away your layers of self-consciousness while exploring the art of Clown. The class focuses the art of Clown in the context of Theater, Comedy, and Circus. Exersizes in clowning, physical comedy, and improvisation are used to heighten one's natural sense of play and self discovery. More info...

Deanis Season 2 is Live!

Season 2 of Deanis is up on Youtube. Asher, Steph and the gang are back again for more fantasy comedy adventures. Check out some physical comedy is this episode.

HOH at iO

Heels Over Head is a monthly variety show that features physical performance at The Mission Theater at iO Improv Theater. Check it out!

Chicago Physical Theater

Offering Classes in Physical Performace, Physical Comedy, Mime, Clown and Slapstick.

Now offering a 10% discount for:
- individuals registering for more than one workshop,
- performing ensembles of 3 or more taking the same class,
- repeating a class

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